Channel Analytics & PRM/CRM Infrastructure

Measure partner and program performance and pinpoint opportunities for investment with the right programs and the right partners. Our channel analytics tools identify areas of poor performance so you can re-direct your channel investments for improved ROI.

Program Benchmarking


Channel Infrastructure

Technology companies rely on channel programs to connect with their global partners and build profitable relationships. Yet most companies do not have a systems platform to properly manage these programs, and wind up patching together different systems, apps and data sources in an attempt to run their channel business. The results are predictable; overlaps and gaps between CRM, other systems and partner portals, unreliable data, a lack of streamlined reporting and analytics to effectively measure business performance, and a poor partner experience.

The Channel2GO team has the expertise to help clients rationalize and implement a unified technology infrastructure that leverages the client’s CRM/PRM systems and “plug in” channel apps and tools. We also help clients create a streamlined partner data model to effectively manage the flow of channel related data and drive partner program participation, portal access, targeted content, partner communications, reporting & analytics.