Channel2GO helps the US Import Export Bank of the US

Channel2GO helps the US Import Export Bank of the US (EXIM) develop a comprehensive channel strategy for lenders and brokers. 

When EXIM approached Averetek (a division of E2OPEN) to submit a proposal for a two year contract to help the Office of Small Business develop and implement a channel strategy for lenders and brokers based on commercial best channel practices, Averetek relied on the expertise of Channel2GO LLC to execute the contract.

The EXIM Bank empowers U.S. exporters to increase their sales abroad. When American businesses are unable to access private export financing, EXIM fills the gaps by equipping them with the tools necessary to compete for global sales. The agency provides export credit insurance, working capital, loan guarantees, and other financial instruments to US exporters through a nationwide network of lenders and insurance brokers.

The core objective of this project was to work closely with the EXIM team to develop and deliver a best in class EXIM channel strategy and program based on commercial channel best practices that encompassed:

  • The establishment of a solid baseline and development of a sound channel strategy
  • Delivering compelling value propositions for lenders and brokers
  • Making it easy for lenders and brokers to do business with EXIM through the development of best in class partner account management and enablement programs, training, and self-help tools

As a first step, in depth interviews were conducted with lenders and brokers to better understand their business and their requirements from EXIM. How could we make it easier for them to help their export customers and simplify the process of doing business with EXIM. This effort was followed by a thorough partner profiling and tiering exercise to define which brokers and lenders contributed most to the success of high volume and high-quality transaction with EXIM and to identify “success attributes”. Subsequently, we developed new partner programs, marketing and communications, account management, and training tools following the principles of a collaborative workflow management process.

Partner programs were communicated to lenders and brokers. While they were received with enthusiasm, the formal launch had to be delayed due to the coronavirus and the cancellation of the annual conference which necessitated a more phased approach to the program roll-out.