Is IoT the next industrial revolution?

There has never been a lack of hype in the technology industry where we have the tendency to announce the launch of almost every new technology as the solution that will revolutionize entire markets, customer segments, and industries. Thus, it should be no surprise that the emergence of IoT is being labeled the next industrial revolution by some industry pundits.

To what extent IoT (which is such a broad term as to almost be meaningless) will change companies’ business models and the way they do business with channel partners and end user customers remains to be seen but the potential impact is very significant.

At Channel2GO we have spent some time studying the vast amounts of IoT research that have been published and we have had conversations with both large and smaller players in the IoT space, some of whom we hope to count among our clients soon (TBA). We were particularly interested in how IoT effects vendor and partner business models and the way they do business together. The results have been summarized in the PPT deck which we invite you to download. What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.
Download the PPT