Partner Recruitment & Enablement

channel recruitmentHow effective is your partner recruitment process? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you getting the required number of leads?
  • Are you presenting a compelling value proposition?
  • Overcoming objections?
  • Conducting final due diligence?
  • Do you have short qualification and approval times?

Channel2GO helps you locate partners with the greatest potential in the most efficient manner using proven methodologies. We’ll help you track progress from recruitment to onboarding.

From recruitment to Onboarding

Once you have recruited the right partners, you need an effective partner onboarding plan. A best practice onboarding process can significantly reduce lead-time from recruitment to revenue generation and increase the average order size.

partner selection

Partner Enablement

Partners require the right motivation and tools to succeed. Partner “legacy” programs aren’t keeping pace with the changing dynamics of distribution channels and partner types. The fact of the matter is that many partner programs are out of date and overly complex.

Let our experienced team help you assess your current partner programs and tools, benchmark your programs against the competition, identify gaps, and develop partner programs that truly motivate partners, enhance partner loyalty and increase indirect sales.

Best-in-class partner programs must motivate the right behavior during all phases of the sales cycle and deliver value to both the partner/owner and his/her employees.

align incentives


IT/Telecom Conversion

A special area of expertise is our deep knowledge of technology and telecom channels. We understand both the opportunities and challenges Telecom/IT convergence represent.

Telecom/IT convergence is expected to drive both telecom and IT indirect channels to increase sales of IT, storage, collaboration, e-mail and hosting products. However, barriers with regard to engagement with the telecom industry by VARs continue to exist including insufficient staff, lack of necessary tech skills, lack of sales training/experience, and challenges adapting to annuity revenue model.

Telecom and IT partners are very different in language, priorities and business models. Convergence between IT VARs and telecom agents is occurring, but unevenly with each sector still lacking the expertise and confidence to build convergence momentum.

The Channel2GO team is uniquely positioned to help Telecommunications companies develop the right channel strategy and programs that resonate with IT channel partners. We leverage in depth channel expertise from both industry sectors to help you craft a compelling value proposition for both Telecom and IT partners.

“The Last Mile”

Channel Account Managers (CAM’s or PAM’s) represent “the last mile” in a successful relationship with your top performing partners. Successful CAMs have a significant impact on partner performance. To be successful, CAM’s must have a thorough understanding of different partner business models and gain respect as business leaders with top tier partners. We offer an in depth channel account manager training curriculum tailored to meet your needs including two day on site training modules for Channel Account managers. On line refresher courses are optional.

train your CAMs